Street Artists in Berlin

I am currently working on a photography book about street art and street artists in Berlin. With a series of interviews and photos I intend to showcase the most active urban artists in Berlin and shed a little light into the shadows.

– Why do street artists take the risk to paint on public walls?

– Is urban art a form of protest or city beautification?

– What are the differences between graffiti, tagging and street art?

– Anonymity vs fame: who shuns and who plays the gallery game?

The ever-changing city of Berlin is now falling victim to the same gentrification schemes perpetrated by urban planners and ‘profit first’ developers on selected areas of cities around the globe. In the midst of rapid change and an uncertain future, the urban artist’s voice is never more relevant, never more current, never more vital than it is today.

Props to the artists ALIAS, CREN, El Bocho, Innerfields, HRVB, CAZ.L, Plotbot KEN—and the others who have agreed to let me take a peek into their world. I am truly grateful for your trust.

For more information about the burgeoning Berlin street art scene, please read The Writing on the Wall.